Car Tune Up: How To Determine When This Is Needed?

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Cars are like pets – you need to take care of them, and that includes regular vet visits. Similarly, you have to drive your car to an auto shop so it can be regularly checked for problems. At the end of the check-up, you will know what needs to be repaired or replaced, and which parts require cleaning and maintenance. This will spare you from any problems that may arise in the future. But how do you know if your car needs a tune up? Here are the tell-tale signs you need to look for.

1. Car takes time to start.

A vehicle doesn’t normally take long to start its engine as soon as you switch the key. If it does, the battery could be weak, or there could be a problem with the starter, among all other possibilities. Usually, when a car experiences hard starts, there is something wrong with the fuel, starting, or ignition system.

2. Faulty brakes.

A brake pedal that feels weak is one bad sign that your car needs a tune up immediately. You should also watch out if the brakes screeches or vibrate when you pressed down on the brake pedal. Brake pads and rotors wear out over time, especially with much use, and these need to be checked, maintained or replaced if necessary. Frequently checking the brake fluid level is important as well. Basically, if there is no brake fluid, the brakes will not function.

3. Bad mileage. 

Is your car using up more fuel than normal? Poor mileage indicates that your car is no longer as efficient and needs a check-up and tune-up.

4. Car stalls more frequently.

Cars stall sometimes, especially when you forget to switch gears. But if your vehicle stalls more often at intersections or whenever you try to speed up, there are three possibilities that could cause this to happen. First, it could be that the spark plugs are worn and need to be replaced. Another possibility is when the spark plugs require adjustment. If you have an automatic vehicle, it may be that the electronic sensing device needs to be adjusted. All of these can be fixed by an automotive specialist.

Observing when the vehicle stalls is important – does it happen when the weather is too warm or cold, or when the air conditioner is running? That way, you can explain your observations to the auto shop, so that your vehicle will be diagnosed faster.

5. Shifting us rough.

An automatic vehicle should effortlessly shift gears, if yours doesn’t, then your transmission fluid my need replacing and the filter checked.

6. Poor acceleration.

Not even speed limits should stop your car from proving its power to accelerate. But if you’re having trouble getting the speed you need, it is a sign that means your car needs a check-up.

7. Unusual sounds and vibrations.

Cars shouldn’t make unusual noises or vibrations. When your car starts to behave in this way, you really need to get a car tune up as soon as possible.

Do you need a car tune up? Knowing how to determine when this is needed will save you money. Supertune Service Center is an ideal place to take your vehicles when they are sick and not running right.

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