Common Gearbox Problems of Automatic Vehicles

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How convenient it would be if you could actually discover your car’s problems at the right time, before they occur? It would not only save you time and money, you can be sparred of all the headaches in the future from such things as gearbox problems of automatic vehicles you own. When it comes to car problems and the hassles they cause, the transmission would probably be at the top of this list.

No automatic car owner wants to hear about transmission problems, because it usually means something serious that will be expensive to repair. The gearbox is really a box of mystery to most automatic car owners, but it doesn’t have to be that way. How about learning some of the common gearbox problems, and how to avoid them? To help, here are some common gearbox problems of automatic vehicles that you should know, to help you avoid paying too much when problems do occur.

Fluid Issues

Automatic transmission fluid is of utmost importance and should be checked at least once every six months. Lack of proper fluid level or impurities will lead to gear shifting issues, which will become evident while driving on inclines, towing or carrying heavy loads. If you feel that shifting is not proper, check your automatic fluid levels immediately and have your gearbox inspected before the problem gets any worse. Letting the problem continue can damage your entire transmission system.

Transmission Oil Leakage

The transmission system is specially designed to be sealed, and any sign of oil leakage should be an invitation to visit an automotive service centre as soon as possible. Most automatic cars that leak red fluid, which usually comes from the filler tube base, between engine and transmission, drain hole, selector shaft, or the radiator, need servicing. If this is the case, an auto service centre can find the origin of your gearbox leak and fix it before any major damage is done.

Clogged Filter

Filter plays a vital role in keeping gearbox oil clean, it ensures that lubrication and fluid remains pure and does not cause friction during shifting. If you haven’t replaced it in a while, then you need to have it changed as soon as possible. An auto service centre can let you know how often that needs to be done. Fortunately, changing a filter is the most basic automatic transmission repair and does not cost you a lot of money. In most cases, changing a filter solves many problems including delayed shifting and leaking oil.

Common gearbox problems of automatic vehicles don’t have to be a mystery, especially when automatic car owners know how to keep transmission problems at bay. Some car owners are able maintain their vehicles in these ways, thankfully for those not as savvy in the ways of gearbox maintenance, there is Supertune Service Centre to help.

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